About Me!

I have always tried to ensure that health and fitness are a part of my life, and found it essential as a busy working mum of two boys with a stressful job. I made the leap from enthusiatic fitness class participant to qualified Fitness Instructor in 2017 and I love it!

As an instructor, I currently teach Clubbercise, Ravetone, Combat Fitness and Dance Fit classes. I have also taught Burlexercise classes, Pound, general aerobics and legs, bums and tums classes. I am currently training as a Nutrition & Gut Health Consultant, and Pelvic Floor Coach, and will be offering consultations in these areas very soon. 

I have continued to practise as a qualified Social Worker alongside my Fitness Instructor role and have over 19 years experience of supporting people with a variety of disabilities in community settings. I am also trained and qualified to deliver fitness classes to people with additional needs (e.g. learning disabilities, physical disabilities). My current goal is to combine the two and I have therefore been training to deliver fitness classes to people with a range of disabilities and certain health conditions. My aim is to provide an opportunity for people to achieve their health and fitness goals regardless of their abilities by removing limitations as much as possible and adapting the environment, equipment and class delivery to suit everyone's needs so that I can offer a truly inclusive experience.

For me, the opportunity to be as fit and healthy as you possiblity can should be available to everybody. And it's not just about physical fitness either, exercise and a good nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle are essential for everyone's mental health and overall well-being. This is what I want to help you achieve. Classes and workouts are fun and motivational and I can provide individualised advice and support along the way, all intended to help you achieve your goals. 

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